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May 3, 2017

Investment Services

We offer a range of ways to help, based on your requirements. You can make your own investment decisions with the added benefit of expert investment advice, backed by our global research capabilities. If you do not want to make your own investment decisions, you can let us manage some or all of your investments for you. And if you want to trade directly in the financial markets, we will carry out your instructions quickly and accurately. You can choose any of these options or combine them to create a solution that is exactly right for you. Our Financial Planning service can help to ensure your holdings are structured in an efficient manner and a clear plan is established that will help you meet your objectives. Goals are rarely static, neither is our ability to help you plan.


You should recognize that there are always risks in investing. The value of investments can fall and you may lose capital – we cannot eliminate risk but we can seek to minimize and manage it.

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